User Experience Design

This 2 day seminar offers you important insight into how to bridge that gap between business needs and user expectations. Showing you proven design techniques to enhance overall application, system or software usability, we can help you create far more robust and successful products. These are the same techniques being used successfully on real projects for many of our Global 2000 clients and large government organizations.  Learn from the experts who have been delivering success in this field for over a decade!

Incorporating video gathered from our usability lab, we will provide you a firsthand look at users in action, demonstrating the productivity of our techniques. A user-centered perspective and customer-centered design is integral to the ultimate success of your organization.


What You will Learn

This class for developers, end-users, interaction designers, and managers, explains how to apply the concepts of user experience design to all of your products and offerings.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of your users through task analysis, mental models, and user profiles
  • Determine the best information architecture for your users
  • Proper layout and design techniques
  • Create and implement in-house design standards
  • Plan and conduct an effective usability test
  • Implement complex enterprise application designs
  • Validate important design decisions
Attendees will walk away with a complete set of templates for quickly implementing this process within their organization.



Who Should Attend

This class is designed for corporate or commercial developers and analysts that are, or plan to be, involved in creating online user experiences. Attendees should have a basic understanding of web technologies and navigating in a web environment.

User Experience Design is useful for:

  • Project managers
    who are responsible for establishing or anaging application design projects.
  • Project leaders
    who need to know proven steps for translating business requirements into successful software solutions.
  • Interaction designers
    who need to know how and when to use specific interface widgets when creating user interfaces.
  • Product Managers
    who are responsible for managing and implementing online technology solutions.
  • Analysts and developers
    who need to know the critical aspects and limitations of user experience design.
  • End users
    who need to understand the principles of good user experience design techniques.
Seminar Duration
2-Day Course
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User Experience Design 2-Day Course (U.S.)
User Experience Design 3-Day Expanded Course (U.S.)
User Experience Design 2-Day Course and
  Rome, Italy

User Experience Strategy
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User Experience Design
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User Experience Strategy + User Experience Design
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  San Francisco

User Experience Strategy
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User Experience Design
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User Experience Strategy
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User Experience Strategy + User Experience Design
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  Wash DC

  Coeur D Alene, Idaho

User Experience Strategy
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User Experience Strategy + User Experience Design
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Prefer to take the seminar on-line?
We offer a On-demand web-based training course that teaches the design and implementation of interfaces for web applications. Check out our On-Demand Seminars to learn more.
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