Enterprise Applications-World Class User Experience


Clients approach us for a variety of reasons. In the very early stages of a brand new business idea or in search of advice about how to improve a usability design problem, they come to us knowing that our expert engineers and entire support team can help. In order for our clients to have a successful user experience project, they need to understand the fundamentals when it comes to developing seamless, quick and dynamic interfaces. Whether on site or via remote consulting, we use the most advanced set of user interface design guidelines in the industry.

Our primary objective is to not only to provide you with the specific set of solutions for any usability challenges you may be experiencing, but also to  empower your development team so that they can become more self-sufficient in the long run, so that they can create more successful user experiences for all of your projects and services.

Founded on the principle that highly effective software underpins your product’s success, our firm is poised to give you a definitive edge and a unique advantage in today’s competitive market.

How effective are your User Experience Efforts?

  • Have you been able to demonstrate 70% reductions in training and support costs?
  • Are your users 20% – 40% more effective with their new ‘redesigned’ application?
  • Does your team utilize clear, concise design standards to deliver consistent applications?
  • Are your projects being delivered on-time and within budget?

Let us help you deliver success!

To learn more about how you can use our services to deliver successful software, contact one of our design consultants at 408-954-7397 or send us an email to success@classicsys.com.