James Hobart
James HobartOur President

We firmly believe that user experience is everything. Fall short in terms of overall usability, and frustrated users will likely shy away from your system or service offering. Whereas, if you have an effectively designed interface that enables users to be more productive, your company will certainly see increased success.

To this end, you have to be able to keep pace with constantly evolving interface design techniques. Your developers need to stay on top of all relevant standards and guidelines, and your site or system needs to include the latest and most up dpt date usability practices

We love being able to be a part of our client’s success stories, and we especially love celebrating with developers who are truly proud of their software. A competitive edge is what we strive to provide every single one of our clients. With a team of highly experienced consultants who take the time to understand your business inside and out, we offer you the insight you need to make your next project an incredibly usable and successful one.


Our President…

James Hobart is an internationally recognized user interface design consultant based in California, USA. Specializing in the design and development of large-scale enterprise applications, James is an expert when it comes to user experience as well as in defining the most effective digital strategies.