User Experience Consulting Services

Regardless of your product, application, or service, overall usability is perhaps one of the most important components that you need to consider, and one that will certainly impact your bottom line.

Do you need to…

  • Improve your user satisfaction ratings, software sales, or web site hit rates?
  • Reduce your technical support, training, or development costs?
  • Enhance the productivity of your employees?
  • Increase your conversion ratios?

Classic Systems Solutions tailors usability services to meet your needs at any point in your product development cycle.

User Experience services offered by Classic Systems Solutions include:

Design Sprints

Quickly Validate a Product Idea or Concept

Usability Tests

Interviewing users performing real tasks with your interface

Rapid Reviews

Expert assessments of your interface according to proven usability principles

Field Studies

Gathering information about users and tasks for project requirements, or assessing a product’s use in a real-world context

Usability Walk-Throughs

Leading your design team on a journey through their system from the user’s perspective

Usability Mentoring

Providing your development team with the training and tools they need to create more usable systems

Usability Audits

Evaluating your system or product for consistency or compliance with standards using our Consistency Audit or Section 508 Compliance Audit

User Interface Design Consulting

On-the-job mentoring for web, client / server, or hand-held system development.

Customized Interface Design Standards

Creating customized user interface standards that meet your organization’s specific needs

Our foremost goal is to help your organization identify challenges as far as usability and offer you robust solutions that your development team can easily and efficiently implement. With certified, ‘instructor-grade’ trainers, we possess the mentoring and cutting edge consulting skills to help your business become overall, more user friendly.

See our Clients page for a client list and to see what they have to say about our services.

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