Are Design Sprints the Next Silver Bullet?

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The Design Sprint is a trending method to speed up product design and development while reducing risk. Formalized at Google Ventures where they could quickly run a product idea through the sprint process and have a solid [...]


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A key strategy for today's digital leader is how to provide engaging, usable interactions with customers on a variety of technology platforms while protecting the organization from data breaches and other security risks. Balancing these [...]

How Digital Strategy Moves The Revenue Needle

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Focusing on customer experience allows your company to develop a unique value offering and differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Most companies say they already optimize for customer experience but, for many reasons, few truly [...]

Delivering a Great UX To Mobile Enterprise Application Users

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Several of our clients are deploying enterprise mobile solutions to their global workforce this year.  The pace of mobile adoption and change is accelerating much faster than what we witnessed during the adoption of web-based [...]

Usability Tools Update

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Usability Update: USEFUL TOOLS and Websites >>> Here's some new articles and Web 2.0 sites you may find useful: Web 2.0 Social Networks - Viral loops distilled Looking for multi-touch demos and an Open Source SDK? Want [...]

Enterprise Mashups and collaboration that works…

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I'll be speaking next week at a new conference here in the US. It's called Jboye and is focused on delivering practical enterprise solutions for collaboration and knowledge management in a vendor neutral environment. I've been speaking [...]