GUI Design Fundamentals

This foundation course explains the principles of User Experience Design and Usability. No prerequisites are needed for this course.

Duration – About 10 hours


This course uses a self-paced process to allow the student to learn independently. Through a variety of online channels, students will engage in a number of critical activities designed to enhance their knowledge of GUI Design Fundamentals. Begin by reviewing the learning path course presentations. (Audio is required to hear the lectures) Complete the integrated quiz worksheets. (Adobe Flash is required) Review and complete the course exercises. When you finish, upload them for review to the dropbox. After completing the Final Exam, you will receive your score, and if successful, a certificate of completion.

What You will Learn

  • Describe the principles of graphical user interface design
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective interfaces
  • List and describe the key attributes of windows types
  • Learn effective navigation schemes
  • Know when and when not to use color, graphics, audio, and animation.
  • Learn How to create and implement GUI Design Standards

Topics Covered

Benefits to Your Company

  • Gain a clear understand of GUI Design Principles
  • Create more usable applications
  • Reduce training and support costs

GUI Controls

  • What is a control?
  • Action controls
  • Data controls
  • Exercise: Applying data controls

Window Design Principles

  • Window attributes
  • Window types
  • Navigation
  • Layout considerations

GUI Design Standards

  • Why GUI Design Standards?
  • Content to include in your standards
  • Successfully launching standards in your company

Key GUI Design Principles

  • Usable GUIs vs. Unusable GUIs
  • Design principles
  • Images, icons, and color
  • User requirements
  • Excercise – Layout and design

Who Should Attend

Those involved with designing or implementing graphical user interfaces (GUIs), including software project managers, programmers, analysts, designers, software engineers, or technical writers.

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