Proven techniques of software prototyping to drive requirements and usability.

What You will Learn

Save a huge amount of time, energy and money when you learn how to develop and build effective prototypes. By validating important design decision prior to the launch of your product via a strong visual prototype, you not only set more realistic user expectations, but you have an invaluable means of communicating business requirements as well as solidifying company consensus on the proposed design.

What benefits do you get from prototypes: the ability to better identify user requirements, true product visualization and ultimately, a more successful software launch. We will show you a proven seven-step process for creating a dynamic, standout prototype.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop a detailed prototyping plan
  • Facilitate prototyping sessions
  • Choose the best prototyping method based on project needs
  • Develop task flows and scenarios
  • Define prototype content and fidelity
  • Create usable design patterns to facilitate rapid prototyping
  • Validate design decisions with prototypes
Attendees will be provided with a complete set of prototyping templates for quickly implementing this process within their organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Project managers
    who are responsible for establishing or managing software projects.
  • Project leaders
    who need to use a proven process to build effective prototypes.
  • UI Designers
    who need to know how and when to leverage prototypes to ensure usable designs.
  • Developers
    who are responsible for implementing software projects.
  • Business Analysts
    who need to translate business requirements into successful software designs.
  • End Users
    who need to understand effective prototyping techniques.

This class is designed for corporate and commercial developers and analysts that are, or plan to be, involved in software development projects and who wish to learn effective software prototyping practices. Attendees should have a basic understanding of requirements gathering and software design techniques.

Seminar Duration
2-Day Course
About Your Instructor
How is the seminar priced?
Effective Software Prototyping 2-Day Course (U.S.)

When is the Seminar coming to my area?

  San Jose

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