Usability Audits

Classic’s Consistency Audit is designed to give you an overview of your interface, and subsequently find those errors that may be hampering user experience. Usability audits are a great way to identify any bugs or deficiencies and work on them prior to launch. Providing your developers with invaluable insight as far as design guidelines and standards, our audit report also lists out recommendations for improving performance, enhancing consistency and reducing development time as well as redesign costs.

Additionally, Classic’s Section 508 Compliance Audit checks your product or site for compliance with the technical and functional performance criteria for accessibility as mandated by Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act. This recent legislation requires government agencies and vendors to ensure that disabled users can access their products and services using screen readers, audio browsers, and other types of devices. Our Section 508 Compliance Audit will outline the changes needed to bring your system into compliance.

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