Agility – Focused success for your design efforts!

Do your teams “Lose their way” on the path from Business Vision to Implementation Success?

Agility is a collaborative team environment for layering usability into existing development projects.

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What does Agility solve?

  • Prevents “re-inventing the wheel” with each new project
  • Keeps each team member focused on their specific tasks
  • Helps get projects done faster…
  • Less distraction from irrelevant tasks and information
  • Best practice templates and code examples for re-use
  • Multimedia examples on how to complete each task
  • Customizable to meet your team’s needs
  • Less time in meetings
  • More focus for everyone on the team

Agility gets your team moving fast toward a successful design by providing your team with focused specifics on:

What to do
When to do it
How to do it
Who to do it with…
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